Order from Chaos

23 Mar

A few days ago, Morewine and I were at a trade tasting in Los Angeles. It was a grand affair, with dozens of wineries in attendance, each with their own table, wines arrayed and a wine maker or owner (sometimes both) on hand to pour and explain the wines. This is a great way to taste wine, any questions you may have get answered right away by someone who actually knows what they a talking about!

This set-up was working great until we reached a room on the second floor. There, surrounded by tables of busy owners pouring wine, was a lone table devoted to the Brown Estate wines, with four rows of bottles and no one to pour, no one to explain. Not even a winery brochure to give us a hint. Chaos!

The Brown Estate Table

Now, I was somewhat familiar with the Brown Estate. I have tasted and liked their wines in the past, we even carry one of their Zinfandels here in the shop. But here on the table was something new, something unknown, a wine labeled simply “Chaos Theory“.  Intrigued, I picked it up. Nothing on the back label gave a clue. It simply said “In Vino Veritas – In Chaos, Order“.  Okay… I poured a small sample in my glass. I took a sniff… lovely! I took a taste… ohhh… nice! It had a juicy mouth-feel, full of sweet black raspberry, pomegranate, and black currants.  A second sip revealed some lively complexities like sweet citron, cinnamon toast, and a deep, dark jaminess, intense and yet very well balanced .

What was it? It wasn’t too hard to figure out, really. Brown Estate grows and produces several juicy ripe Zinfandels and a full bodied, well-structured Cabernet. This Chaos wine was a blend of the two, and a very good one it was! It reminded me a bit of Orin Swift’s The Prisoner, another unconventional and exceptional Zin based blend. This hedonistic (yes, I’m stealing this term from Robert Parker, I’ll give it back when I’m done) wine is a perfect style for our time. Generous, complex and ready to drink. There was only one thing we could do… we placed an order right there on the spot. So you see, the back label was right, or nearly right. Perhaps it should be slightly amended to read, “In Vno Veritas – In Chaos, an Order“. Once you taste it, you may want to place an order too.

It’s in stock now @ $32.99.

Thanks for reading. See you soon.



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