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Le Creuset - Screwpull -


Le Creuset - Screwpull

Butler's Friend Corkscrew 2-Prongs

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The Butler's Friend has a two-prong design with a built-in bottle opener, and a large ergonomic handle for a sure grip while removing - or even replacing - corks. A gentle back-and-forth movement is all it takes. Fragile corks in older wines remain intact when using the two-prong Butler's Friend, as opposed to a corkscrew.
  • Can also be used to replace corks
  • The handle doubles as a convenient bottle opener
  • Metal protective sheath is engravable, perfect for gift-giving

Lengt: 5 1/4"

Width: 3 1/2"

Cleaning: Hand Wash
Item:Le Creuset - Screwpull
Description:Butler's Friend Corkscrew 2-Prongs
Brand:Le Creuset