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Lasagna Dish 13" X 10"
We call this a lasagna dish, but it's useful for many different dishes. Casseroles, cinnamon buns and macaroni and cheese are just a few ideas of how this handcrafted dish can be used.

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Perfect for making lasagna, this dish is also the right size for cooking vegetable casseroles or baking fudge brownies. The baker is made from local clay in Burgundy, France, using a pottery tradition that has been alive since 1850. The clay is an excellent material for retaining heat, so lasagna keeps its warmth in these dishes as you gather your guests to the table. The dishes have cream-colored interiors and painted exteriors that are covered with a translucent glaze, creating a rustic-looking finish. The glaze is lead-free and won't crack, discolor, or scratch. This baker goes into the freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and under the broiler, and is very easy to clean.

Item:Emile Henry - Olive
Description:Lasagna Dish 13" X 10"
Brand:Emile Henry
Brand:Emile Henry
Description:Lasagna Dish Rectangular
Size:13" X 10"
Capacity:3.8 Qt