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2012 Luc Massy - Pinot Noir


2012 Luc Massy

Baillival St Saphorin Pinot Noir

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“Baillival is a hillside block of Pinot Noir planted before World War II, in the Swiss hamlet of Saint-Saphorin. The granite & flint rock in a base of reddish-brown clay is well drained and rich in iron, ideal for Pinot Noir. This is a Pinot Noir that caresses your palate and engages your senses without heaviness. It speaks with great finesse. Due to its naturally light pigment, the color here is simply beautiful. Aromas of fresh-picked plums, chutney, and fraise develop into a fruit-driven Pinot Noir that simply has no peer stateside.”

Item: Wine-190938
Year: 2012
Producer: Luc Massy
Designation: Baillival St Saphorin
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Switzerland