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2011 Bouchard - Pinot Noir


2011 Bouchard

Vigne De L'enfant Jesus
Sweet spot Outstanding
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There is a touch of green tea to the gamey and overtly sauvage aromas of dark berry fruit, plum and floral hints. Like the Teurons there is a really lovely mouth feel to the intense, detailed and refined medium-bodied flavors that possess good if not exceptional volume by the standards of this wine. There is impressive depth and sneaky length to the finish as it almost dies out only to recommence. Good stuff but note that patience will be required.

Sweet spot Outstanding.
Burghound 92 pts
Item: Wine-202821
Year: 2011
Producer: Bouchard
Designation: Vigne De L'enfant Jesus
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Burgundy, France
Burghound: 92



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