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1995 Fuenteseca

Reserva Anejo Tequila 18-Years



Fuenteseca Extra Añejo 18 Year: 75% tequila distilled in copper column stills and 25% tequila distilled in copper alembic stills.
The entire run was laid into 180L Canadian white oak casks previously used to age Canadian rye whiskey, at a warehouse located at 4,600’ in the town of Atotonilco el Alto, Jalisco. The casks remained there for six years.
In 2001, the tequilas were extracted from their casks, blended together and re-barreled, with 47% returned to Canadian white oak casks and
the remaining 53% going into 220L European dark oak barrels previously used to age California red wine.
The refilled casks were then moved from Atotonilco el Alto to a hillside facility El Chapingo, with its cooler, breezier climate, and left to age for an additional twelve years.

These are the oldest bottlings of Tequila on the market from fourth-generation agavero, Enrique Fonseca—who has some of the most extensive
agave plantations in México. While the Fonseca family had been growing agave for well over a century, they had never been in the business
of distilling; as such, they were subject to the notoriously volatile ebb and flow of the agave market. During a glut in the 1980s, Enrique became increasingly uncomfortable with the precariousness of their position. So, rather than sell his agave at below-market pricing, he bought a state-of-the-art distillery (La Tequileña, NOM 1146) and put his mature agave to use. After four
decades in the agave fields, he decided to throw his hat in the ring of the still. Over time Enrique began experimenting with
agave like no one previously had. Beginning with the raw materials, the Fonseca’s vast holdings—which ranged from the high-altitude region of Los Altos, to the Tequila Valley, where their distillery is located— allowed him to capture the distinctive
expressions of their respective terroirs. Next, onto distillation: Enrique employs both double-column copper stills and traditional
alembics—elaborating the tension between the two unique methodologies. Lastly, barrel aging: He traveled to France and Scotland to study barrel regimens for Cognac and Scotch production. A few decades later, it’s safe to say that Enrique has experimented more with extended barrel aging agave-distillates in a wide variety of woods than anyone. Interestingly enough, having searched the world over, Enrique favors red wine barriques from the Loire Valley above all others.
- Wyatt Peabody

Item: Liq-203174-W
Year: 1995
Producer: Fuenteseca
Designation: Reserva Anejo 18-Years
Varietal: Tequila
Region: Mexico