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Duke - Bourbon



Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Crafted by Masters, and inspired by rare bottles unearthed and preserved for over 50 years from the collection of John Wayne. Meticulously blended to replicate and honor the tasting notes and profile preferred by John Wayne using his original collection.


Tasting Notes

• The opening is sweet yet subtle charred oak, roast nuts, saddle leather, hints of vanilla, a whiff of nutmeg and a slight hint of pepper with faint hint of treacle toffee and crème caramel.

• Mid palate provides some pepper spice and earthy balance with a slight hint of charred meats, a deeply satisfying robust sweetness combined with oak.

• Finishing with  a deeply satisfying richness and sweetness in perfect combination. A very complex and yet relaxing set of flavors anchored in the heavily charred but subtle oak

Item: Liq-203235
Producer: Duke
Designation: Small Batch - Straight
Varietal: Bourbon
Region: Kentucky