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2016 Biale - Zinfandel


2016 Biale

Black Chicken Zin (12 bottles)



Back in 40s and 50s, people used to phone Napa Valley farmer Aldo Biale with their egg orders. And some-times they'd want a bottle of wine too, from his private stock. But his phone was a party line, so he had a code. If you wanted wine, you'd say "Send me two dozen eggs and a Black Chicken.” The vineyard is named to keep that tradition alive.
Winemaker’s Tasting Notes:
Plump, Juicy, and firm, this is one irresistible bird - a Zinfandel brimming with fruit, spices, and an Oak Knoll District perfume of concentrated blackberry compote, bright raspberries, clove, five spice, black tea, toasted brioche, and notes of caramel and vanilla. Voluptuous, gentle, and yummy as it is, this freshly-bottled wonder has the stuffing for the long haul and is just getting started. The 2012 Black Chicken - if cellared well - will continue to improve for the next 5-8 years and likey well beyond.

Item: btc-203337-WBTC
Year: 2016
Producer: Biale
Designation: Black Chicken
Varietal: Zinfandel
Region: Napa, California
Size: 12 X 750ml



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2016 Biale - Zinfandel2016 Biale
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