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2015 Brown - Zinfandel


2015 Brown

Napa Zinfandel



Stunning gemstone magenta core and ruby rim. True on the nose to our hallmark Brown Estate bouquet of rose petals, lily of the valley, hibiscus flowers, Asian apple, and effervescent citrus followed by dried apricot and peach. Medium body with silky mouthfeel, the palate at first delivers a burst of ripe red fruits, heavy cream, and loads of cascading exotic spice, finishing with a surprise of subtle crushed black pepper. Seamlessly integrated, elegant, and engaging. Drink now through 2022 to experience ripe fresh fruit, thereafter for a less fruity, earthier experience.


Item: Wine-248187
Year: 2015
Producer: Brown
Designation: Napa
Varietal: Zinfandel
Region: Napa, California