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2013 Aether - Pinot Noir


2013 Aether

Santa Barbara County P.N.

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This wine is composed of barrels from Dierberg, Drum Canyon and Pence Ranch. It exhibits natural complexity from the combination of these high-end vineyards. Color is medium ruby, the nose is fresh with moderate ripeness. On the palate there is appealing round Pinot flavors and a taut finish with nice closing flavors. Tangy. Good karmic Pinot energy. Deep down there are some damp, musky accents that surface periodically. This is an unfettered true to form wine, no new oak / all new wine.    Jeff Fink - Winemaker

Item: Wine-248231-F
Year: 2013
Producer: Aether
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Santa Barbara, California



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2013 Aether - Pinot Noir2013 Aether
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