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2004 Balgera - Nebbiolo


2004 Balgera

Valtellina Superiore (Nebbiolo)



Balgera is a boutique winery located in Valtellina, a vast mountainous area in Lombardy. The winery offers classic old world styled, highly fragrant wines. These wines are made from the Chiavennasca variety, also known as Nebbiolo in Piedmont region. Sassella is one of the best-known sub-zones, delivering the classic Valtellina, flavors of raspberries and hint of hazel nut, with complex layers of tar and herbs. Famously long-lived, this 2004 vintage comes straight from the winery’s cellar, a current release!

Item: Wine-268894
Year: 2004
Producer: Balgera
Designation: Sassella Valtellina Superiore
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Region: Lombardy, Italy