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N.V. Francoise Bedel - Chardonnay


N.V. Francoise Bedel

Dis Vin Secret Champagne

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 Bedel’s overwhelmingly Meunier-dominated NV Brut Dis, Vin de Secret Brut DB051012 (this batch harbors 15% Chardonnay and 5% Pinot) received partial barrel-elevage, though it was fermented in tank. Its greenhouse-like evocation of flowering and leafing things is typical for Meunier, with scents of coriander and mint prominent, and those of apple, winter pear, and almond anticipating the dominant flavors on a coolly restrained, silken textured palate. Cleansing yet clinging, the lusciously lingering finish subtly glows with an aura of herbal essences. Having no experience with this wine before now, I can only hazard a guess that it will continue to delight for a couple more years – and for all that I (don’t) know, perhaps significantly longer. Francoise Bedel’s achievements represent one more among numerous recent demonstrations that long- or even perpetually neglected sectors of Champagne – in her case, the Marne Valley’s Meunier-rich western fringe – can set off vinous fireworks. Bedel has been farming entirely biodynamically for fifteen years, and has become quite well-known for her advocacy of that regimen. An inexpensive entry-level cuvee is absent from her portfolio; but then, she not only works in an extremely meticulous and labor-intensive way, she also releases no wine sooner than five years after its harvest. Wine Advocate 92

Offering a distinctive nose, with wafts of smoke and beeswax, this dry Champagne is lightly juicy on the palate. The softly zesty mousse carries baked quince, almond skin, honey and sultana flavors. Drink now through 2019. 200 cases imported.–AN Wine Spectator 91


Item: Wine-269311
Year: N.V.
Producer: Francoise Bedel
Designation: Dis Vin Secret
Varietal: Chardonnay
Region: Champagne, France
Wine Advocate: 92
Wine Spectator: 91