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2016 Biale - Zinfandel


2016 Biale

Black Chicken Zin



Back in 40s and 50s, people used to phone Napa Valley farmer Aldo Biale with their egg orders. And some-times they'd want a bottle of wine too, from his private stock. But his phone was a party line, so he had a code. If you wanted wine, you'd say "Send me two dozen eggs and a Black Chicken.” The vineyard is named to keep that tradition alive.

Item: Wine-279771
Year: 2016
Producer: Biale
Designation: Black Chicken
Varietal: Zinfandel
Region: Napa, California



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2016 Biale - Zinfandel2016 Biale
Black Chicken
Napa, California
(12 X 750ml)