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2015 Romain Collet - Chardonnay


2015 Romain Collet

Les Pargues Chablis (MAG)

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Les Pargues is the glass of wine for the insider, the “You can have your Grand Cru, so I can have my Pargues.” Les Pargues is a special site, the southern neighbor of Butteaux and Forêts. Besides Romain, we have only encountered two other producers (both highly respected) who make Les Pargues. This vineyard is beginning to make a good name for itself and will become familiar “somm” talk in the next decade.  All steel from beginning to end, Les Pargues has all the things we love about a fine Chablis: the cream, the lees, and the cheese balanced by a “rock-paper-scissors” minerality. Les Pargues – get it while you can!

Grandson of Jean Collet and son of Gilles Collet, Romain is a driven and dedicated champion of tradition and respect for this incredible region. Chablis is a vast and ever-expanding appellation with plantings just about everywhere one can dig a whole and stick a vine in the ground. But Romain would never do that. Like his father and grandfather, he is a believer in the “spirit and heart” of Chablis. That is to say, as sense of place and origin is in his DNA. “Les Pargues” is just that, one site, one block of vines, handpicked and raised by itself, unblended. And a funny thing is that Romain is a human GPS who knows every row and every vine the Collets count among their holdings. It’s really something. When you visit, I’ll arrange for him to take you “up the hill” in his jeep. I have yet to meet a man of his insight into the past, yet with an ability to gauge the future. He just gets it. I am honored to represent him and his efforts.


Item: Wine-280120
Year: 2015
Producer: Romain Collet
Designation: Les Pargues Chablis
Varietal: Chardonnay
Region: Burgundy, France
Size: 1.5 Liter - Magnum



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