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Estate Opener

BLACK w/ Marble Handle
Now with meal gears instead of plastic A counter clamp attaches the opener securely to a bar or marble stand (sold separately), An adjustable flanged clamp grips wine bottles of almost any size Constructed from durable, heavy zinc-a



Estate Opener Black and Marble Stand Set NEW (P/N 19280). Now with metal gears instead of plastic, opening a bottle of wine has never been easier. With 1 swing of the handle, natural and synthetic corks are penetrated and removed. To re-cork, simply reverse the motion.

Each set includes

  • A counter clamp to attach the opener securely to a counter, bar or stand (included),
  • A flanged clamp to grip the wine bottle
  • Constructed from durable, heavy zinc-alloy
  • Molded with a grape motif that evokes 19th century Americana
  • Teflon-coated corkscrew
  • Black finish
  • Black marble handle
  • Matching black stand
  • NEW AND IMPROVED! The Silver Estate Opener with Wood handle is an ingenious 19th century American reproduction corkscrew that can open both standard and flanged wine bottles.
Item:Estate Opener
Description:BLACK w/ Marble Handle