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2016 Roger & Didier Raimbault

Sancerre, Loire - France



The vineyard surrounding Chateau La Rabotine, which Alban and his fiancé took control of in 2008, is the very same one the Roblins have cultivated since the 1920’s and it has long been considered the very kernel of Sury-en-Vaux. They are old, magical, hillside plantings up at about 280 meters. Alban tends the vineyards by hand with all hand picking and sustainable farming practices throughout. The extra effort is worth it for this is the one and only Jurassic clay-limestone soil where the grapes express the greatness of Sury-en-Vaux Sancerre. This “magic” is what Sury-en-Vaux terroir is all about: white flower, citrus, flint. Chateau La Rabotine will change your perception of Sancerre. Terroir, terroir and terroir. Now exclusively bottled by Chateau La Rabotine.

In the cellar Alban completely de-stalks his fruit before fermentation. The young free-run wine then gets drawn off to spend six to eight months on its lees, significant as many Sancerres get perhaps half that time at best. The wine from the oldest vines rests in oak barrels about 900 liters in size, while the wine from the younger vines (25 years) is held in tanks of the highest quality steel (German and it does make a difference). And last comes the blending where Alban excels. With his “touch” he is able to assemble a wine that truly is greater than the sum of its parts.

Item: Wine-280199
Year: 2016
Producer: Roger & Didier Raimbault
Designation: Sancerre
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Region: Loire, France