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2013 Olivia Brion - Pinot Noir


2013 Olivia Brion

Wild Horse Valley P.N.



Black cherry and black currant flavors adorn this elegant yet generous young red wine, with sandalwood, cedar, blood orange, sassafras, and truffle notes adding depth. The structure is still compact, but it opens rapidly in the glass to a plush mid-palate. It has a lovely sweet core of fruit and usual very long silky finish. It is going to be great fun to watch this classic 2012 vintage pinot come into its own over the next several years. As in the Chardonnay from the same cool hillside, the signature ground-rock minerality is there right below all the fruit notes. Great vintage–one of my best wines ever!
David Mahaffey-Winemaker

Item: Wine-313880
Year: 2013
Producer: Olivia Brion
Designation: Wild Horse Valley
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Region: Napa, California



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