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2016 Duckhorn Vineyards - Merlot


2016 Duckhorn Vineyards

3 Palms Vyd. Merlot

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Once again, the revered Three Palms Vineyard has yielded a benchmark expression of New World Merlot, with a complex, age-worthy structure, silken tannins, and radiant fruit. 2016 offered another near-perfect vintage in Napa Valley! While much-needed rain during the winter months helped to replenish our reservoirs, the warm, dry weather for the remainder of the season allowed the grapes to develop rich, concentrated flavors, with polished tannins and wonderful complexity.  "Our Three Palms Merlot is a testament to our 40-year relationship with one vineyard," says Winemaker Renee Ary. "Each vintage is a snapshot of this amazing site in a single growing season. But at the same time, we have spent 40 years learning to honor the qualities that make Three Palms so remarkable."

Item: wine-343204
Year: 2016
Producer: Duckhorn Vineyards
Designation: Three Palms Vyd.
Varietal: Merlot
Region: Napa, California