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Corkscrew / Capitano in Ruby -


Color: Ruby red w/ Blak logo

Corkscrew / Capitano in Ruby

w/ TWC Logo, Teflon coated



The CAPITANO tm. is unique because of its special elongated spiral. The pitch (distance between the twists) has been increased for easy, more positive insertion into the cork. The nickel plated spirals always have the filet, or etched line, running down the spiral. This traditional spiral cuts into the cork more quickly. The non-stick coated spiral comes in a smooth, non-filet version. Crafted in France by the worlds best spiral makers. All CAPITANO TM Corkscrews are 5-3/8 inches long by 1 inch wide.  Color Ruby red with "The Wine Connection" Logo etched in BLACK color.

Item:Corkscrew / Capitano in Ruby
Description:w/ TWC Logo, Teflon coated