Merlet V.S. Cognac France

$44.99 USD

Producer Notes
The Merlet & Fils Distillery hails from the Saint-Sauvant in the Cognac region. The family-owned brand has been making cognac since 1850 and is now in its fifth generation of Merlet’s. After distilling for large cognac houses for 160 years Merlet ventured out to develop their own cognac in 2010, producing several award-winning spirits.

Gilles Merlet and his sons Pierre and Luc created this blend as a new expression for the new generation. They sourced four cognacs from Fins Bois crus and one from Grande Champagne, aging it for at least four years, yielding a sophisticated marriage of different ages. This is a unique release where the youngest cognacs deliver power and energy, and the oldest bring maturity and complexity.

This Merlet VS is comprised of hand-selected eaux-de-vie blended from several different regions. For this expression, Gilles and his sons selected and blended eaux-de-vie from different regions of the cognac appellation, to ensure consistent quality.

Aged for at least two years, the eaux-de-vie selected for this blend are light and inviting, made mostly from Fins Bois ‘crus,’ but also from Bons Bois and a little bit of Petite Champagne. The result is a VS cognac with slightly woody and delicately fruity notes.