Japanese Whisky

Mars Tsunuki Single Malt 2022 Edition Japanese Whisky Japan

$249.99 USD

Distiller Notes
Single malt Japanese whisky from the Mars Tsunuki Distillery in Kagoshima
Aged 3–4 years in 1st and 2nd-fill bourbon barrels
Peat level of 3.5 parts per million

A nose of lemon cake and black tea is accompanied by light smoke. Orange marmalade offers sweet and bitter citrus on the palate, deepened by buttered toast and cocoa nib. Chocolate malt and lemon zest linger long on the finish.
Non-chill filtered; 50% ABV

US release of 2040 bottles

Located in the southern prefecture of Kagoshima from which the Hombo family originally helms, Mars Tsunuki Distillery, reopened in 2016, experiences notably more humidity and greater fluctuation in temperature than Mars Shinshu to the north. This bottling, the third release since the distillery’s reopening, confidently catches the stride of Mars Tsunuki and underscores the versatility of the Mars production range.