Cabrito Tequila Reposado Mexico

$23.99 USD

Distiller Notes
Tequila Centinela was founded in 1904 by Don Pepe Centinela--family owned to this day--and is the producer of Cabrito and Centinela tequilas. They regard themselves as the "largest wine cellar" for aging tequila with 56,000 white oak barrels. Tequila Centinela is producer of Cabrito and Centinela tequilas. Cabrito, or "kid / young goat" in Spanish, is a brand first established in 1934 and claims to be made with premium agave or as they would have it: "a premium pour for its value."

Cabrito Reposado is the rested (or "reposado") expression from the Cabirto line. This means it is aged in oak very briefly for between 2 and 11 months prior to bottling, giving the tequila a bit of color and softening flavor from the wood.