Blue Ice American Potato Vodka California USA

$23.99 USD

America’s best potato vodka can only come from one place -- Idaho. It is home to world’s finest and most luscious Russet Burbank potatoes and the birthplace of Blue Ice Vodka. It is where the people behind the brand come from and live, where our natural ingredients are sourced and where our product is crafted.

From the snow-crested peaks of the Grand Teton Mountains, our water originates from one of the last remaining pristine water source in America. The water gathers in the Snake River Aquifer, where it naturally filters through hundreds of feet of porous volcanic rock before reaching the two-hundred foot aquifer. This pristine water is the very essence of Blue Ice Vodka. Curated with the finest Idaho potatoes and produced with the artful science of handcrafted distillation, Blue Ice Vodka is the world's highest quality potato vodka.

Tasting Notes
Potatoes give a subtle flavor and mellowness, while creating a creamy, soft-mouth feel. On tip of the tongue there is a slight sweetness. The sweet notes are due to the conversion from potato starch to natural sugar during distillation. Mid palate, you will feel a rich viscosity on the sides of the mouth, softly leading to a pleasant creamy finish.