2018 Fuenteseca Cosecha 'Huerta Singular' Tequila Blanco Mexico

$111.99 USD

What specifically makes Enrique's single-site expression so incredible? Let's start with the aromatics. From the minute you pop the cork and begin nosing the bottle, sweet smells of incense, roasted agave, and tropical fruit inundate the senses. Absent entirely, the aromas are of pepper, savory spice, or vegetal notes, that usually accompany the fruitier tones. It's as hedonistic as unadulterated tequila can smell; but the spirit is not without spice, on the whole. The first sip builds on those enticing aromas, but a huge dollop of baking spices, sweet agave nectar, and candied papaya lights up the palate before they take hold. There's a pure and electric nature of roasted agave flavor here. How many people have ever chewed on a piece of cooked blue agave? We can't say. But having done so numerous times, we can safely tell you that never have we tasted such a translation into the spirit itself. The finish is where all of these elements come into focus. The lift of the baking spices builds with the alcohol and turns into sweet citrus. The roasted agave notes breathe heavily thereafter and the combination lingers for a full minute before fading gracefully. Tasting this blanco is like taking your first sip of Haut-Brion or Richebourg; it's on that level of sophistication. It's the best blanco tequila available, pure and simple, and it sets a new bar for other producers to follow.