2018 Vinicola Solar Fortun 'O Positivo' Red Blend Valle de Guadalupe Mexico

$37.99 USD

A blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Syrah, the Solar Fortún 2018 ‘O Positivo’ is a full-bodied powerhouse wine that shows wonderful balance between intensity, freshness, and fruitiness. Interestingly, all of the vines at the Solar Fortún estate were grown from cuttings from Napa Valley (French Mercier Nursery) and speak to the high level of grape quality at this Baja California winery. Deep violet in color, this wine blends notes of black cherry, spices, vanilla, plum, and cocoa on a rich, full body with soft, well-structured tannins. The finish is long, smooth, and persistent. Solar Fortún recommends pairing the 2016 ‘O Positivo’ Red Blend with semi-sweet mole with chicken or steak cuts.