2019 Domaine Michel Briday Rully Cote Chalonnaise, France

$29.99 USD

Winemaker Notes
"The goal is not to drink one glass but to want to drink another,” says Stéphane Briday about this wine. It's true that its gourmand and fruity character makes a bottle that does not last long on the table, unless you have a second one under wraps especially since the freshness of the Chardonnay appellation adds a touch of distinction. The nose evokes pear, lemon, and spices. A small note of dried fruit completes the whole.

Tasting Notes
Gentle fragrances of toasted hazelnut, vanilla and creamy lemon constitute the attractive nose on this wine. The palate continues these aromatic notions but adds a dollop of juicy, ripe Mirabelle fruit. There is beautiful freshness for this ripe year and a lovely balance.