2021 Cantine Pra Morandina Valpolicella Superiore Veneto Italy

$29.99 USD

Winemaker Notes
While Graziano Prà is most well-known for making his excellent Soaves, Prà also makes red wine in the Valpolicella hills, just west of Soave and north of Verona. His reds feature four grapes indigenous to the region: Corvina (gives spiciness and cherry aromas), Corvinone (gives glycerine and vibrant freshness), Rondinella (adds delicate fruit and light floral aromas) and Oseleta (provides colour and robust tannins).

The Valpolicella ‘Morandina’ is made traditionally. The grapes are air-dried for a relatively short time, about three weeks (Ian d’Agata points out that air-drying ‘is a … necessity with Corvina, as it has trouble reaching adequate sugar concentration…’). Morandina is fresher than many modern Valpolicellas, grapey, drinkable and a very useful table wine. Flavors are predominantly cherry, with a distinctive herbal/peppery finish.