Belfour Pecan Wood Finished Bourbon Whiskey Texas, USA

$84.99 USD

Distiller Notes
Rich buttery aromas immediately hit the nose reminding you of when you grandmother or mother was baking in the kitchen. After the second and third nosing more aromas of baking spices, brown sugar, toasted pecans, waffles, and maple candy awaken. The palate is rather similar but thick and oily. On the front are notes of toasted pecans, cracked pepper, and other baking spices followed additional maple, charred oak, apple crisp, vanilla bean, and marshmallow follow on the back end. The finish is medium in length, with lingering notes of pecan pie, vanilla bean, toasted nuts and toffee. It is quite a unique whiskey that lacks some complexity and feels a touch young. Another year or two of maturation could go a long way.