Mars Maltage 'Cosmo' Blended Malt Whisky Japan

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Distiller Notes
This whisky is produced by the Mars Shinshu distillery.
The first Japanese whisky distilled in Japan was born in 1929. The history of Mars Whisky begins in 1949.

The distillation started initially in Kagoshima. It was after the Yamanashi period of 1960 that the Mars Shinshu distillery was established. The distillery emerged from the ground in 1985, at an altitude of 798 m, at the foot of Mount Komagatake, in Nagano prefecture, in the heart of the mountain range called the Central Alps of Japan. "Cosmo" comes from Mont. Cosmo in the central Alps of Japan. The label design is inspired by the night sky when you look up from outside the Mars Shinshu distillery. This alludes to the universe. This mixed malts whisky (has a rich smoky flavor and a ripe fruit fragrance distributed in a sweet fragrance reminiscent of honey and caramel. The mouth is round and soft, with a soft finish.