How To Pick Wine for a Crowd

November 01, 2021

How To Pick Wine for a Crowd

Hello friends and patrons of The Wine Connection. I hope you all have been enjoying yourselves as we inch closer and closer to the holiday season. It’s certainly shifting to the season when everyone is already intently planning all their weekend and holiday gatherings with friends and family. And wine will of course be present at most of those gatherings. In light of the change of season and the upcoming holidays, I’d like to focus on an extremely practical topic: how to pick a wine for a crowd.


Everyone has their own unique preferences — we’ve all been that friend at a party when we get served something that we don’t enjoy. For me this past winter I was at a party where I was served a beverage that was…not my cup of tea. I won’t name the beverage, but lets just say it was truly distasteful. Needless to say, I sucked it up and had one. But as the party waned on my beverage sluggishly became lukewarm as my hand that held it, and the can, full as it was when it was opened, was secretly upended into the bathroom sink where no one would be able to find any evidence of displeasure. Needless to say, no one wants a party guest to have a sour time, right? So how can we pick wines for our guests when we aren’t sure what they may or may not prefer? A simple suggestion…


One of the safest plays is always to stick to neutrality when selecting wines to offer to guests with unknown preferences. Simplicity goes hand in hand with this. I think this is a no-brainer, but I wanted to provide a few examples of some wines we have that may be fitting. Below is a list of bottles at TWC for under $30 that would be great to have on hand for a party.


· Tyros Cabernet from Napa Valley / $22.99

· Justin Girardin Bourgogne Blanc (neutral Chardonnay) / $22.99

· Gilles Robin ‘Papillon’ Crozes-Hermitage (Syrah) / $26.99

· Franco Conterno Langhe Freisa / $18.99

· Graham Beck Cap Classique (Brut & Brut Rose) / $19.99

· Campi Valerio ‘Fannia’ Falanghina / $15.99

· Elena Walch Pinot Bianco / $17.99


Of course this list isn’t exhaustive. If you need any more suggestions we’re happy to help you find the right wine for your next gathering. Remember, there is a discount of 10% on 12 or more bottles!