Roger Groult 8 Ans d'Age Calvados Pays d'Auge, France

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Distiller Notes
One of the most famous producers of calvados. Calvados production methods remain unchanged for four generations: ripe apples are selected in their own gardens, family and sent to fermentation estate «Clos de la Hurvaniere». After fermentation and insisting on the lees for several months, resulting cider goes double distillation, becoming a young Calvados, then aged in 2000 liter oak barrels in the cellars of the estate. Young alcohol poured into new barrels that he was sated oak tannins. Old spirits poured into old barrels that they absorbed the flavors of alcohols of previous generations. Roger Groult quality products remains consistently high, and taste the way it was conceived founder - Pierre Grult. 

The age designation of each cuvee represents the youngest spirit in the blend. This delicious calvados manages to maintain a fresh and fruity aroma while showing aged notes of roasted pear and caramel on the palate. Bold, spicy, smooth and complex. Copper-amber color. Taste is soft, slightly sweet, with notes of pear and caramel. Long aftertaste. A pleasant apple scent with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.- well worth sipping after a fine meal .Received the status of "Extraordinary / Ultimate Recommendation" and 95 points in the contest "Ultimate Spirits Challenge" in New York in March 2010.