El Buho Mezcal Especial Ensamble Oaxaca Mexico

$89.99 USD

Distiller Notes
El Buho Especial Ensamble is produced by Octavio Jiménez Monterrosa in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca using wild agaves sourced in San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca. This ensamble is crafted from four different maguey species in equal parts: Arroqueno, Coyote, Barril, and Cuishe. This is a traditional ensamble meaning all of the different agaves are produced together in the same batch. The agaves are crushed by a horse-drawn tahona, cooked for 7 days in a stone oven, and fermented for 7 days in pine vats. After distillation, it was rested in plastic for 7 months. This mezcal has notes of banana on the nose. The fruit is balanced out by a viscous mouthfeel along with intense flavors of pineapple, roasted agave, and vanilla. It finishes with dark caramel and pepper salt.