2016 Cappellano Barolo Chinato, Piedmont, Italy

$109.99 USD

Winemaker Notes
The elixir known as Barolo Chinato was actually invented by the Cappellano family, with Giuseppe Cappellano—a pharmacist by trade—developing the recipe in the late 19th century as a digestive aid. The family recipe has remained unchanged since the earliest days, transferred via handwritten letter during each generational shift. Augusto still crushes the herbs and spices by hand with the family’s old cast-iron mortar and pestle, and the steps to creating the perfect mixture are complex and difficult; Augusto told us it took him years, beginning as a young child, to master the technique. The results of this arcane process are nothing short of sublime: a heady mélange of herbs and spices on the nose, with a rich, chocolatey palate that remains vibrant and balanced, and a near-dangerous level of deliciousness.