2019 Blazic 'Jakot' Sauvignonasse (Friulano), Goriska Brda, Slovenia

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Winery: Blažič

Classification: Dry white wine

Varietals: 100% Tocai Friulano (aka Jakot, aka Sauvignonasse)

Appellation: Goriška brda - Brajda

Density and Yield: 5,000 vines/ha; 1 kg/vine (55 years old vineyard)

Annual Production: 2,000 bottles

Alcohol: 13%

Climate: Warm summers, with balanced humidity, and mild winters. Strong Mediterranean influence from the Adriatic sea (just 20 km air distance) and Alpine influences from the north.

Terrain: Vineyards are located on steep 25-40% slopes with south-west and west exposure

Soil: Flysch soils (sediments of an ancient ocean) manifested as layers of clay, marl, limestone and sandstone.

Farming: Organic in practice, in conversion to certification since 2020

Vinification: Hand-picked grapes, spontaneous fermentation on the skins for 5 days. Maturation for two years in stainless steel tanks.

Notes: Jakot (aka Sauvignonasse, Sauvignon Vert, Friulano) is the new classification for the former Tokaji varietal. Both Slovenians and Italians historically called this grape Tokaj, but Hungary disputed this usage given their historic Tokaji appellation and the term was officially protected in 2005. In a begrudging response, the locals simply call it “Jakot” (Tokaj, spelled backwards).
The wine is yellow in color and emphasized by a characteristic varietal scent reminiscent of apricot, orange blossom, and Mediterranean herbs. On the palate, it is bright, elegant, and harmonious with dried apricots and fresh herbs.

Serving Suggestions: Simona creates some of the best Jakot pairings of stuffed squash blossoms with goat cheese and ricotta/zuchinni fritters with pesto. Is also just a great universal pairing for most vegetable dishes.