2019 Tenuta Carretta Cereja Langhe Rosato Piedmont Italy

$17.99 USD

Cereja by Tenuta Carreta is an Italian rosé wine made in the Northen Italy region of Piemonte (Piedmont) and that comes under the Langhe DOC appellation. In Piedmontese dialect, “cereja” is a greeting, both evocative and auspicious, like a warm welcome.

The wine is blend of 90% Barbera with 10% Nebbiolo. After a few hours of maceration on the skins (skin-contact, to extract the desired color), the must ferments and ages in stainless steel tanks for about 6 months.

Tasting Notes
This rosé wine from Northern Italy comes in a distinct light orange color. Yes, it’s a little pink, but with quite a lot of yellow to it, making it look more orange, like a light orange wine really, or like onion peel as we say in French. Unusual, but enjoyable, distinctive; ‘unique’ as wine marketing people would say!

The nose is bright and vibrant, lifted by mainly vegetal notes of fresh green wood, like acacia leaves. Some pomegranate aromas give a very subtle fruity tone, while lily floral notes are somewhat heavy in the floral spectrum. Some lime and lemon, plenty of white peppery spices, almost chili-like. It’s also rather unusual to the nose, but again, enjoyable, unique!

Dry palate, with crisp and powerful acidity, underlines a wealth of lime notes and a burst of spicy flavors, like a green pepper sauce filled with lemon zest and juice.

A powerful and fragrant dry rosé with a very distinctive approach to the style. Very pleasant thanks to its savoriness and its crisp acidity, this is a rosé to pair with food, creamy seafood, charcuterie and mild cheeses.