2021 Cecillon Nantosuelta Apple Cider Sevignac, France

$24.99 USD

Winery Notes

"Nantosuelta is a blend of sweet and bittersweet apples sourced from two orchards: one on a ridge above the valley with thin soils above rocky granite bedrock and the other on a medium-grade, south-facing slope with deeper soils. As with all the orchards at Domaine Johanna Cécillon, the trees are surrounded by untouched natural flora with the accompanying fauna and no chemicals are used in the orchard out of respect for the environment. Nantosuelta is harvested from October through December and the apples are aged in wooden crates for a short time to increase ripeness. Fermentation occurs spontaneously in tank and the cider is aged in oak barrels before bottling in late April. Secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle. This is a semi-sweet style of cider where the fruitiness is in balance with the natural bitterness of these tiny indigenous apples. Bottled without any SO2 and shipped without disgorgement, expect a small amount of sediment in each bottle."