2021 Encostas do Lima Meio Seco Vinho Verde Portugal

$13.99 USD

Winemaker Notes
Vinho Verde - "green wine" - hails from Northern Portugal. Vinho Verde is comprised of nine sub-regions along the Douro Valley - these 9 areas each have their own unique microclimate, though they are all generally wet & rainy (thanks to the Douro & Minho rivers) and feature granite soils.

Vinho Verde makes up 30% of Portugal's wine production. These wines are characterized by a zippy acidity, low alcohol and light fizz. Most Vinho Verde wines are meant to be consumed young, in the first 18 months.

Lima Vinho Verde is a Meio Seco (off-dry) type of wine. It is a blend of mostly Loureiro - a close match to Riesling - and Trajadura. It shows interesting aromas of stone fruit, lime, juicy green apple and crisp pear. Fresh, juicy & lively with a touch of spritz. An incredible value for year-round drinking.