2022 Von Winning Winnings Riesling Pfalz Germany

$19.99 USD

Weingut Von Winning was founded in 1849, and today produces some of the most exciting Rieslings in all of Germany. Winemaker Stephen Attman's attention to detail in the winery and across of the estate's vineyards is paying dividends in acclaim for Von Winning wines. The "Winnings" is Attman's entry-level offering, and it is "winning" in every sense: off-dry (meaning a little sweet) but balanced by racy acidity, clean, mineral-infused, and singing with peach and citrus fruit flavors.

Winemaker Notes
The wine is charming and limpid. Spicy and stylish and snappy on the finish, with a lift and lissome-ness that’s more Nahe than Pfalz.