Blue Spot 7 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, County Cork, Ireland

$299.99 USD

Distiller Notes
Blue Spot 7 Year Cask Strength Single Pot Still is a non-chill-filtered whiskey from the "Spot" family of whiskeys produced in partnership between Irish Distillers and Mitchell & Son. It is made from both malted and un-malted barley. Following the Green, Yellow and Red Spot Single Pot Still Whiskeys it completes the spot collection.. The proof of this release will vary annually.

Blue Spot Description
Embodying the unmistakable qualities of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. Blue Spot is matured for no less than 7 years in Bourbon casks, Sherry butts and Portuguese Madeira casks all bottled at cask strength for you to enjoy!

Blue Spot’s name was derived from the Mitchell’s practice of marking their maturing casks of whiskey with a mark or daub of coloured paint to determine the age potential of the whiskey. Blue Spot was a 7 year old whiskey, Green Spot (10 year old), Yellow Spot (12 Year Old) and Red Spot (15 year old).

As a colourful history would have it, this revered Blue Spot remained underground until now and its introduction reunites the historical Spot Family for the first time in over 56 years.

Back in the days when distilleries would sell their new make spirit to bonders for maturing, Mitchell & Son developed a reputation for creating some of the finest Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey to be found in the capital. A reputation that stays true even to this day.

This is how Mitchell & Son made their whiskeys back in the 1800s and how it is still made to this day by the expert masters at the revered Midleton Distillery, in County Cork.