Don Mateo de la Sierra Silvestre Destilado de Agave Michoacan Mexico

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Distiller Notes
Don Mateo Silvestre is a unique expression based solely on the agave. This product is produced using only wild agave cupreata plants on the mountainsides of El Limon, where they thrive with the help of cows and chickens, herbicide and pesticide free land.

In sight it is a crystalline mezcal, with a high apparent density with silver flashes.This mezcal is of a high intensity in the nose with refined notes of wet stone, cooked agave. It is an aromatic mezcal, with notes of aged cheese reminiscent of cotija cheese and parmesan cheese, freshly cut grass, poblano pepper, fresh pineapple and orange peel. In the mouth it is presented with sweet and savory flavors, with a great body, highlighting the maturity of the agave, in addition to the notes of mature cheese, with a long and intense finish highlighting the minerality and slight notes of smoke.

Proof: 100