El Gran Legado de Vida Tequila Blanco, Mexico

$67.99 USD

El Gran Legado de Vida has achieved an explosion of sensations, with the
elegant design of the bottle accompanying this exquisite Tequila.
It allows you to imagine the delicacy in which it is elaborated,
complementing with its white color of grey and silver nuances.
El Gran Legado de Vida came to the market to redefine the view,
flavor and texture of 100% Tequila de agave, delighting the most demanding palates.
Of elegant presentation, 100% agave that distills notes aromas and natural flavors of agave. Cooked are acquired by the cooking in masonry furnaces, which in turn maintain the freshness of citrus sensations, inciting to test their flavor of voluptuous and soft profile. It's a legacy that endures through time.

El Gran Legado De Vida shows its character, accompanied by great flavor in each drink. It allows itself to denote the delicate process under which it is elaborated, and in which it is taken care of. Every detail of flavor and quality talks about its story.

The process of elaborating El Gran Legado de Vida begins with the selection of Tequilana Weber azul agaves, with the necessary characteristics to make a tequila of the highest quality, harvested until best maturity conditions are met. Finally led by a slow and harmonious distillation process.