Mama Chuy Madre Cuishe 750ml

$99.99 USD

Distillers Notes
Mama Chuy’s Madre Cuishe is crafted by 3rd generation Master Distiller Casimiro Perez in the sierra sur of San Luis Amatlan, Oaxaca. He cultivates his own agaves & this particular batch was grown in black soil for around 7 years. After harvesting, Casimiro roasts the agave hearts in an underground earthen oven for several days. He then takes the fresh cooked agave, mechanically mills it & transfers it into Cypress wood vats where it ferments using local spring water. Casimiro then conducts a single distillation in a small copper pot still, yielding approximately 500 liter batches balanced with heads & hearts that range from 48 to 52 abv.

Strong chocolate covered peanut aroma with flavor notes of honey, almond & butterscotch