Kikusui 'Kuramitsu' Junmai Daiginjo Sake Nigata Japan

$189.99 USD

This very special sake uses only the highest quality Uonumasan Koshi Hikari rice, which is considered a Niigata delicacy. It is carefully milled down to an astounding 23% of the original grain size, and is transformed into sake by piecing together every fragment of wisdom and craft Kikusui Sake Company has gathered in the last 130 years. The gorgeous perfume-like Daiginjo aroma cradles your senses as you raise the glass to your lips, and the first sip is an experience in complete and utter refinement. Smooth, clean, and slightly sweet, it begins with an understated sophistication, a note of nostalgia, and then becomes increasingly titillating with each progressive moment as it awakens your mouth, nose and lungs.