Ever Heard of a Chillable Red?

August 11, 2021

Ever Heard of a Chillable Red?

Bright, warm, sunny days do not always call for red wine. I don’t know about you, but red wine is not always the most refreshing idea for my palate during the height of the warmest months of the year. Big, tannic reds seem like an offensive retreat from a hot, glistening day in the sun. But there is hope.


There is a sub-category of red wines which may or may not be officially accepted by the International Wine Geeks (IWG, by the way this organization does not exist) called ‘chillable reds.’ Chillable reds are light, fruit forward expressions of red wine that are usually lighter bodied from minimal oak usage and minimal extraction during maceration. Basically, consider them like black tea steeped for a short amount of time instead of a long amount of time.


The benefit of such wines is that you experience fruit qualities you typically see in conventional red wines without all the weight and texture on your palate. Consider them more juicy and easy-drinking and less sophisticated. Usually ‘chillable reds’ don’t command a very large price-point as they are generally more simple than richer, more complex reds. And their expression makes them wonderful candidates to be used for beach-side, pool-side, and patio sipping in the summer!


Examples include Cabernet Franc from the Chinon AOC in the Loire Valley, Dolcetto from Piedmont, Frappato from Sicily and Beaujolais from Burgundy. If you haven’t tried any of these wines I highly recommend trying some of these on for size.


When serving these wines I have two methods to achieve the proper temperature. If you have a bottle at room temperature, say, 70ºF to 75ºF it is best to get the wine down to about 55ºF when serving. Grab your bottle, wrap it with a wet paper towel, and throw it in the freezer for about 12-15 minutes. This should bring the temperature down to where you want it. A less recommended option is to store your ‘chillable red’ in the fridge. When you’d like to open your bottle go ahead and take it out of the fridge and wait about 25 minutes before drinking. This should bring the bottle up to desired temperature for enjoyment.


Get some cool, red juice in your glass today – we’d love to see you when you stop by to show you an assortment of reds appropriate for the heat of summer. Ask any sales associate and we would love to help you find something right for you.