Mexico’s Wine Country: Valle de Guadalupe

June 29, 2021

Mexico’s Wine Country: Valle de Guadalupe

Although I’ve only been in San Diego for the past 10 months, I would consider myself a full-blown fish taco addict and a fanatic of all Mexican food and beverage products. There is something special about being in Southern California and having such a close connection to Mexico. And there’s much more to that connection than fish tacos and tequila shots….


Mexico is unbelievably close to where I live and it’s been too irresistible to not check out what Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe is all about. So this past weekend we hopped in the car and in just under three hours we were roaming in Valle. That includes crossing an international border, stopping for roadside breakfast, and driving slow enough to appreciate the gorgeous morning aura framed by the mountains surrounding Valle as we drove into the valley.


This trip we had the luxury of visiting two very special wineries, Adobe Guadalupe and Bruma. Adobe Guadalupe has an amazing property of around 20 hectares of vineyards consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Merlot, Nebbiolo, Viognier, Syrah, Cinsault, Malbec, Mourvèdre and Grenache. Adobe Guadalupe is known for their structured and focused red blends. Consider their approach an homage to classical Old-World styles with New-World flare. Take the winery’s red blend ‘Rafael’ for example: a 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Nebbiolo. This wine has great distinct varietal expression along with rich extraction and silky texture. Perhaps congruent with Mexico’s history, there is a great deal of Euro-North American fusion happening throughout. A stellar lineup from all of their wines, Adobe Guadalupe is a legendary winery that is continuing to expand their footprint throughout Mexico and elsewhere in North America.


After checking out Adobe, we ventured over to Bruma. In contrast, Bruma is a much more modern leaning winery with a focus on whites and rosés. As of now I believe they only produce one red wine, a stark contrast to Adobe’s seven distinct red blends. If I could distill it down to a simple statement, Bruma is focused on fresh and vibrant quaffing wines. Overall, the quality of the wines was top notch. Clean and focused, and overall just very enjoyable. Tropical tones burst throughout their whites, and they have three interesting rosés which all tell their own story. Their Bruma Plan B Tinto is quite fruit forward and definitely chillable. Enjoy it with a plate of cheese on a patio. Or just get down to Valle and try them at the tasting room!


I have visited many wine regions all over the world, but there is something special about Valle. I highly recommend getting down there soon and specifically going to taste at both of these wonderful wineries along with others like Casa Magoni, Santos Brujos, and Henri Lurton. If you can’t get down to Valle, come to Del Mar – at The Wine Connection we have selections from both Adobe and Bruma along with many others. If you don’t have the availability to travel, it’s as easy as picking up a bottle if you want to take your palate on an adventure.