Producer Feature: Mijenta Tequila

June 14, 2021

Producer Feature: Mijenta Tequila

Hoping everyone enjoyed the weekend! Summer really does feel like it’s right around the corner with all the beach traffic on the rise. With that in mind, I’d like to feature a tequila producer, Mijenta, who is making a killer debut on the market since their brand launched in the fall of 2020.


The brand was launched by Ana Maria Romero, a Master Tequilera with over 30 years of experience in the tequila industry. The name of the label ‘Mijenta’ is a play on words referring to the Spanish phrase, ‘Mi Gente’ which transliterates to, ‘My People.’ The name reflects an initiative of the distiller to be a true representative of the purest and most traditional form of tequila distillation and aging, while maintaining a conscious effort to conserve energy and tackle sustainability with diligence.


Ana Maria helped create many of the labels for Don Julio’s tequila lineup throughout the years, and according to the brand ambassadors she is one of only three Maestro Tequilero’s in Jalisco, Mexico. With 30 years of experience under her belt, she decided to pioneer her own brand entirely around two and a half years ago. Ana Maria says, “I was thinking about the lands, the people, the jimadors and the agave. But I also thought about the people that were tasting it and enjoying it. We really wanted it to have the local characteristics of the region. Things like the red clay soil, the agave, all these aspects really influenced the characteristics of the terroir. The characteristics are fruity flavours and aromas. I worked with jimadors to select the agave that was of a specific height and maturity to create the flavour profile of Mijenta. It’s a Tequila for the tastes and the senses – a culinary Tequila.”


Right now just the blanco and the reposado are on the market because the brand hasn’t been around long enough to have made an añejo – they plan on releasing one mid-way through 2021. They anticipate dropping a cristalino soon after that as well. What sets Mijenta apart in their production philosophy is their focus on sustainability. The labels for each bottle are created using agave waste, their packaging is locally made, and the glass they use is also locally sourced.


As far as the tequila itself, it is driven with both elegance and complexity. Their tequilas are good for both mixing and sipping, but I think they drink best personally neat right out of the glass. Ana Maria says again, “We have two ways, the first one is sipping it in a Champagne glass, and the second way is in cocktails. I like it neat in the glass and sip it slowly. A third way is pairing it with meals; our vision is that our Tequila is culinary. We pair it with fish, ceviches, or desserts with lemon and cinnamon, or crème brulée.”


Right now we have the blanco from Mijenta for $49.99 and their reposado for $69.99. I highly recommend having both on your bar come summer!