Spirits: Tequila

April 19, 2021

Spirits: Tequila

As we inch closer to Cinco de Mayo I thought it would be appropriate to focus on tequila this week. Yes, we are The ‘Wine’ Connection but we also have an extensive and diverse tequila selection.

First a little background. Everyone knows about tequila, but for those who don’t know exactly what it is and where it comes from, here’s a simple explanation. It has to come from a place called Tequila (40 mi NW of Guadalajara) or the Jaliscan highlands. First, the blue agave plant is harvested, slightly roasted, then macerated and fermented to a wort. Then this low-alcohol substance is distilled twice, as required by law, or occasionally a third time and is either bottled or aged in casks.

There are four levels of aging in Tequila: Blanco is aged no more than 2 months prior to bottling, Reposado is aged between 2 and 12 months in any-sized oak barrels, Añejo for 12 to 36 months in small oak casks, and Extra Añejo is aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks.

Tequila has been in production since the mid 16th century in central Mexico. The short version of the story is that the Spanish conquistadors ran out of brandy and decided to start distilling the fermented product of the agave plant. This makes tequila one of the first indigenous distilled spirits in North America. A portion of tequila distilled in Mexico today is actually exported in bulk to be bottled in the States. In the US we have bottling plants in California, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky.

 In-house at The Wine Connection we have a few favorites from various producers we’d love to show you. 


Tierra Noble Blanco for $27.99. It’s very enjoyable and can be used both as a sipper or a mixer. Herbaceous and fresh!

Mijenta Reposado for $69.99. It’s definitely more on the spicy-savory side with notes of vanilla and cacao nibs, but also has a zesty, floral lift to it. A recent addition to our collection.


Don Fulano Añejo at $89.99. Very complex, combining notions of fresh tropical fruits, nuts, even chocolate fudge and roasted coffee. No added sugar, no added colors, no frills. Just beautiful añejo at its finest.


Joel Richard Petals Extra Añejo at $199.99. This XA is aged for four years in French oak and only 4500 bottles have been produced. Bright, citrus driven palate with a salty, earthy finish. The beautiful bottle is hand-painted, too.


Stop by soon and ask us about our tequilas. We’d be happy to show you more. Until next week!